2nd FOSTER Meeting – Fight Osteosarcoma Through European Research

Our 2nd first in-person FOSTER (Fighting OSteosarcoma Through European Research) meeting will take place overs two days at Rizzoli Orthopaedic Institute Research Center Codivilla-Putti in Bologna, Italy. 

The aim of the meeting is to review recent research in osteosarcoma (OS), meeting members of each work package will discuss where their focus should be and how to initiate impactful research.



The first FOSTER symposium

Honored to host in Paris, the first FOSTER symposium ( 3rd and 4th of October 2023), 20 European countries, 20 teams, hundreds of researchers, clinicians and patient advocates gathered to structure the European Osteosarcoma network, to accelerate discoveries and to share.

Thank you all for the organization with a special thanks to Esperanza Perez.

We welcome Noémie Assoun

We are happy to welcome Noémie Assoun, the new engineer assistant of the team.

Welcome Noémie !

We welcome Lara Carvalho

We are happy to welcome Lara Carvalho in the lab for a 1 year apprenticeship in Biology.

Welcome Lara !

We welcome Corentin Thuilliez

We are happy to welcome Corentin Thuilliez in the lab for a 2 year apprenticeship in Bioinformatics. Welcome Corentin !

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